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Truck Tags

All of Your
IRP Registration Needs
In One Location.

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Heavy Truck Registration Without The Hassle.

We Do The Paperwork So You Can Do The Driving.









10am - 7pm

10am - 7pm

10am - 7pm


10am - 7pm

  9am - 2pm


New Account Set Up In Under 30 Minutes!

No Appointment Needed.


  • IRP applications

  • IRP temps

  • IRP renewals, invoices & rejections

  • 2290s -- Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

  • DOT apps, updates & more

  • PUC apps

  • MC numbers

  • Pa IFTA apps & quarterlies

  • NY HUT apps & quarterlies

  • And more...

Hybrid experience

The Pa Truck Tags Advantage


We've been doing this since 1998.  Our mentors were some of the most knowledgeable people in PennDOT.

Pennsylvania Only.

Because we only work with Penna. registration and not on a nationwide basis, we are specialized in handling the registration requirements of the PA trucker.

Problem Resolution.

It's always great when things run smoothly but who do you turn to when things go wrong?  We can provide you with clear and consistent answers to resolve your issues.

Real World Answers.

Anybody can read and answer out of a manual.  We translate technical information into terms you can apply to your situation and provide you with realistic solutions.

Document Storage.

We scan all documents for easy recall.  We can very easily email copies of any items we have on file.


No more missed deadlines.  We can track your expirations and provide you with reminders via phone, email and text.


We use computers to our advantage and yours.  All of your documents are typed and legible.  If you are registering multiple vehicles, we can process quickly thanks to our customized data system.  We also laminate your IRP temp for increased durability as it sits in your truck while your creds are processed.

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